How Body Language Can Keep You From Being Attacked

Wolf Pack

Body language is one of my favorite subjects.

It’s the most “bang for your buck” activity.  In minutes you can learn a few signals that you can keep with you and will have a massive impact over the rest of your life. Read more ›

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Material over method–A Better Approach to Self Defense

Marines Training MCMAP

“It is possible to become world class at just about anything in six months or less.”  –Tim Ferriss

I know what it means to be afraid, to flinch when someone moves, to be worried about an attack–to be intimidated by someone and to have NO IDEA what to do if violence ever ensued. Read more ›

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How to Avoid Being Attacked Just By Walking Differently

bare foot steps on a beach

People size each other up, all the time.  And we’re pretty good at it.  But is there a way certain people walk that makes them more likely  to be attacked?  An article all the way from 2006 has the answer.  Pressed for time?  Skip to the action steps right above the citation.

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What can animals teach us about self defense?

Kangaroos Fighting

That’s actually not a terrible study of a palm strike …

In this post you’ll learn how I test some ideas, hypotheses, and models of violence without danger, thanks to the folks at Nat Geo.  Then you’ll learn how to avoid “freezing” and instead ensure you can actually Fight out of an ambush.

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