The proven system I used to create my own Perfect Fight Response, defend myself in 15 separate violent encounters, get in fantastic shape, and develop the unshakable confidence to confront my fears head on, anytime I meet them.

A new approach to live fearlessly, shatter insecurities, and fight back even if you freeze.

“I learned something that no one else learns. Normal 23 year old women don’t learn to kick ass. I learned something different. I knew my self confidence wasn’t as high as it should be and I’ve always wanted to increase that but how does kicking and punching improve self confidence? Well it made me prideful. It made me aware of my surroundings, and we practiced being mugged which was very frightening, but interesting to see how I reacted. And it was challenging and all of that boosted my posture a little bit. And just that little boost, that means a lot.” –Brittney M.

My name is Victor Leading Horse and, like you, I found myself needing to learn self defense, first to handle a bully (and I did), then again when I discovered everything I thought about self defense was wrong.

I spent years exploring martial arts after a simple trick scared my bully and got him to stop picking on me for good, without injuring him.

Eventually, I got to a point where I learned a ton, but I still had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I couldn’t really fight if I had to. So I went further, I decided to test myself first as a bouncer. Later as a bounty hunter.

Here’s a snapshot of what happened to me:

  • I froze during fights, and people got hurt because I froze, but I eventually learned how to break my freezes.
  • I caught a fugitive and had to transport him across the country (and you thought your family road trips were awkward).
  • I had to confront all of my fears and stay sharp searching an abandoned warehouse for a fugitive while completely separated from my partner.
  • I handled 15 violent encounters, trained in hundreds of systems, and tested it all in the real world.

Let me show you the very best of what I know.

Let’s be real, fear sucks. Feeling insecure sucks. Listen to some of these chilling reddit posts from both survivors and martial artists.

“I never knew life could be such a nightmare … I was afraid of the world, that day of being attacked changed me forever.”

“If I ever had to fight, I’d second guess myself: Is he really violent? Where do I aim? What if that doesn’t work and he gets more angry?”

“I live everyday in fear.”

I used to be like that. And I was miserable. Things changed when I found martial arts, but the real turning point didn’t happen until I started to become dangerous.

I want to tell you what it’s like to be dangerous instead.

It feels amazing. Imagine what it’s like to know, not just think you can, but to know deep in the fiber of your being, that you can not only protect yourself, but you can protect others too.

To know you can stop someone who is twice your size and way stronger than you, you can take control of your safety, you can control your fears, you can size up other people in the blink of an eye, and tell who else is dangerous.

What would it be like to walk around like James Bond, or Black Widow? To just know that, no matter what happens you’ll be able to handle it … what would that feel like?

Honestly, being dangerous for the right reasons brings such a powerful sense of confidence, it’s better than just working out because it comes with so many other skill sets, and you’ll also have tons of real experience handling your fears in combat simulations. You don’t get that weightlifting or even at a fitness kick boxing class.

What would it be like if others could rely on your reaction?

You might not ever protect yourself like me and my students have, you might not ever be called to protect others like we have been, it could be that you are the only one you’ll save. And that’s okay too.

But we can’t choose which bad things happen to us. And I want to show you how to be dangerous, how to protect yourself and others, so that people can count on you.

Because that’s my “secret mission”. I want to make this world safer for all of us. Mass shootings are common (numbering more than one every day in 2015), so are disasters and we haven’t even touched on the normal crimes people think of when they think about self defense.

Learn what EMTs, firefighters, police, and soldiers know about controlling their fears.

The research is in, when confronted with danger, everybody freezes (it’s a totally normal human reaction to new situations).

Fear is contagious, but so is bravery. I’m not saying you should go towards danger every time (you shouldn’t always but you will learn to tell the difference). What I am saying is that people might need you to break your freeze and get them moving to safety.

People need you to be brave.

So it’s my goal to get one of us into as many places as we can, because it only takes one to be brave and lives will be saved.

Are you ready to protect? To become dangerous? To learn the shortcut to getting in shape?

Here’s what’s in my course.

  • How to turn the tables during a sudden ambush attack (the most vicious and difficult to survive) and dominate against a larger, stronger opponent in a way that actually works better if you freeze.
  • How to spot good techniques from bad techniques plus the shortcut to learning any tactic from any system, so you never waste your time learning things that won’t help you.
  • Little known body language tricks that will improve your confidence in seconds and discourage attackers from targeting you, plus how to tell when you can talk your way out of a fight and when you can’t (the difference can literally be life or death).
  • Self defense law, with simple frameworks that will keep you out of jail and on the right side of the law no matter what the situation. (most martial arts will get you a felony if you actually used them, too many people learn this the hard way)
  • Instant psychological cues that keep your fears in check, and put you into a high performance mental-emotional state that you can access anytime (like before a fight, or before a job interview, or before you ask out that super attractive person across the bar).
  • How to test yourself in “as real as you can get” combat simulations at all skill levels, designed to put you face to face with your fears again and again until you CAN’T get it wrong.
  • The secrets of emotional resilience developed by studying people who experienced the worst traumas imaginable and thrived afterwards — so you can get back up no matter how hard life knocks you down.
  • The shortcut to changing your body plus the psychology of forming new habits so the changes you make stick. (hint this is what stops nearly everyone else)
  • How to make better decisions under unimaginable stress and fear.
  • And (my favorite)
  • How to accomplish more than you ever thought possible. You are capable of 20 times more than you think you are, and I’ll prove it to you.

This is the best of what I know.

I’m ready to teach it to you because you deserve to feel this way, you deserve to have the unshakable confidence that comes from facing your fears and being dangerous. You deserve to have others count on you, you deserve to be a protector, a guardian.

Join my training class.

You have 2 options with me.

Basic, which is ideal for people who have no experience in this world. $80 per month.

Spartan, for when you want to turn your body into an armored machine. $135 per month. *also requires an entrance exam

Is this your only option? No of course not.

You could figure this out for yourself. It’ll take years of going down the wrong roads, tens of thousands of dollars of training and classes, countless hours of research, and incredibly stressful, dangerous experiences.

You could also try other approaches, the good schools around town will charge around $90 to $190 per month. (of course there are cheaper, but those approaches are a waste of time). But ask yourself if you’d rather learn from someone who has been passionately devoted to crafting the best approach for 16 years and got real experience facing dangerous situations, or if you’re fine learning from somebody who just spits out what they learned from someone else and probably hasn’t been in a real fight since high school.

Hands down for the most comprehensive, scientific, fun, and progressive training program I’ve ever seen (sure I’m biased but seriously look around and see if anyone even covers a 10th of what we cover in the first month of training), Perfect Fight Response is the best option to learn to protect yourself and others.

And in case I’m wrong, I offer an iron clad, 30 day money back guarantee for the first month of training.

30 full days to think about it, to experience my system, and if you’re not completely blown away with what you learn, just say so and I’ll refund every penny. Because I know what I’ve created here, I know how good it is. And I’m happy to make this a no brainer for you.


Start your journey in Basic ($80 per month).

Go the extra mile (or 10) in the Spartan program ($135 per month). *Requires entrance exam*