Material over method–A Better Approach to Self Defense

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“It is possible to become world class at just about anything in six months or less.”  –Tim Ferriss

I know what it means to be afraid, to flinch when someone moves, to be worried about an attack–to be intimidated by someone and to have NO IDEA what to do if violence ever ensued.

I know what it’s like to freeze in the face of danger because I didn’t know what to do… to feel butterflies in the stomach, the clammy shaky hands, and to feel deep fear of another person.

It sucks.

I also know how it is to start the journey.

To be new and not know where to go or what to do to learn how to handle violence.  To look at the schools around.  To get dazzled by Kung Fu, or to be impressed by the Karate demos breaking board after board.

I’d like to tell you a truth that will help you (and that took me about a decade to realize).

Material beats method.  (this idea was really crystallized for me in Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Chef–which you should read regardless of whether or not you plan to cook ever).

If you have the RIGHT material, it doesn’t really matter how hard you work or how bad or good your teacher is, you’re going to Succeed.

But, if you have the WRONG material, it again doesn’t matter how hard you work or how amazing your teacher might be, you’re still going to Fail.

(straight out of the 4 hour chef with a few alterations to illustrate the point): Think of it like learning English.  Let’s say you have a week before you NEED to be fluent.  You have 2 pages you can actually memorize.  One page is a random page torn from a language book–it’s got a smattering of words on it like onomatopoeia and a list of zoo animals.

The other page is a list of 50 of the highest frequency words used in conversation and 12 phrases other travelers before you found useful.

Flip the script and let’s say you’re going to china in a week–with a single english translator that will be 3 hours away and no phone lines.  Which materials would be more useful?  Which would you want for your china trip a mere 7 days away?

Material beats method.

When it comes to fighting, nearly all martial arts schools/Self defense training tosses you a random page out of the language book.  For the most part, that’s actually okay.  It’s not the quickest, but for learning a rich tradition (some dating back to the buddha himself–which is cool) it works.  For learning a sport, it’s okay (but not ideal frankly).

But for learning how to fight quickly, for learning how to handle REAL violence, that’s the worst thing you could do.

I’ve spent my life putting together the best “highest frequency” tactics and mindsets that are seen time and time again in the most brutal hand to hand fights.  And then I spent thousands of dollars testing those ideas, became a bouncer and a bounty hunter so I could encounter REAL violence and prove these ideas for myself.  And then I looked further.

Because Tactics Aren’t Enough.

I started looking at psychology, science, biology, physics, history, and law.  They all have an impact on you being able to defend yourself (complicated right?  It doesn’t have to be, I’ve done that work for you!).

And from these sources I started building a method to help you learn exactly what you need to so you can Protect Yourself In a Single Month.

And I’ve got that ready for you.


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Remember: Action creates the attitude.  Whatever you might be feeling, take an action first, and your feelings will catch up later.  Right or wrong, the action will get you oriented on what to do next.

Stay awesome!


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