The shortcut to defending yourself, without the lies and fluff of martial arts


Maybe you’ve seen some unsettling crime statistics.

Maybe you’ve encountered violence yourself.

Maybe you’ve even taken training or become a martial artist …

But, if you’re like I was, you don’t feel like you can defend yourself or those around you.

What would happen if you encountered violence right now? Can you handle paralyzing fear?

Someone might need you to be brave, someone might need you to protect them. That someone might even be a room filled with people.


Are you ready?


What If Learning Self Defense Was Easier Than You Thought?

After more than a dozen encounters defending myself against fugitives and bar scrappers, I’m more grizzled “vet” than martial artist. Unlike the chubby guy at the Y, who hasn’t been in a fight since high school, I know things about self defense you don’t understand until you’ve had a lot of real life encounters.

I can show you how to be brave. I can help you build the unshakeable confidence that comes from knowing you can thrive in worst case scenarios.


Why I quit martial arts (hint: it’s cuz they suck at self defense)

When I had over a decade of experience in martial arts, I started to realize “the emperor had no clothes”. I ended up freezing during a bouncer situation.

As I asked my coaches and trainers why, I was met with “you need more practice”. After 12 years of “practice”, that answer didn’t work anymore. I needed real, specific advice from people who had been here before.

There was something I needed to know that my martial arts teachers couldn’t help me with.

I quit martial arts that day and started asking better questions.

“Why am I listening to training that hasn’t changed in over a thousand years? Would you go to a doctor who refused to learn anything unless it was a thousand years old?”

“Why am I listening to these people for self defense advice? They haven’t ever defended themselves … “

“Who has to use self defense all the time?”

Then 2 of my friends came to me with chillingly similar stories.

I spent close to $1,000 and 6 months of my life on martial arts training and I still couldn’t defend myself. She said.  

My friends felt guilty, and blamed themselves for “not being good enough students.” The truth was, their instructors didn’t know how to prepare them for what they encountered.


My mission:

If a martial art claims to teach self defense, it can’t just be something they put on their fliers — they have to deliver on that claim. Most martial arts don’t — they don’t prepare you for the situations you’ll find, they confuse the issue, and they get too up their own butts in thinking they’re clever without testing their ideas.

After seeing dozens of crappy seminars, after having countless students come to me asking “why did I freeze even though I trained for 500 years and had xyz belts / certificates?”, after hearing the dangers people face, I realized people need real safety and martial arts don’t deliver that.

Some people need real safety. Some people will encounter violence, and some people will be forced to protect themselves.

I want a brave to be there, during a natural disaster or during violence.

People freeze when they’re terrified, but it only takes one person to break their freeze and start a chain reaction in everyone around them. And breaking a freeze is often the key to surviving. Fear is contagious, but so is courage.

Imagine what that could do during a natural disaster, or a plane crash, or a mass shooting. 

Let’s save some lives.


Who is this for?:

If you want to hop around in pajamas, keep the kids busy, play games in a tournament, or learn about tradition, get out of here. I make it my goal to piss off people who want those things because they need a wakeup call … well except for the parents trying to keep their kids busy … They’re totally woke.

For the rest of you, welcome. This is the truth about self defense as best as I can see it, after 17 years of learning, questioning, researching, and experiencing. Check out some free guides that are better than anyone else’s paid material.



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